Friday, November 14, 2008

" I'm still waiting for you"...

I’m between the moon and the stars
I’m here but I’m still not yours
I live under truth but I hide in their lies
I can see your smile but I can only bare a frown to your eyes
would you take this guilt away
make me free and let me fly
can you rise my heart up off the floor
before my thoughts get the best of me and run to the door
could you put my heart back into place
and make my heart skip beats and race
can we lay in the sun and soak up the warmth
or can we lay close during the cold night
and feel the warmth of our hangs together in the dark
I’m between the bed and the ceiling walls
laying in insecurity waiting for your call
that i know will never come
I’m just dying for you to bring me the warmth of the sun
and I’m not the only girl you’ve noticed
and I’m not the only love you’ve chosen
I’vebeen trying to notsee the things i don't like
but its hard when your always around with her hand in yours
where I’ve always known mine should be
i love how your so blind to this explain to me why you cant see
I’m between your door and mine
waiting for the chance to shine
and i can tell I’m in denial
but can you blame me I’ve been waiting all this while...

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